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War Veterans


Visit a Veteran's Hospital, and see what these people sacrificed for your country. Sure, many of the military actions our rulers send these people to engage in have no merit. But, far more do. Had those veterans instead been deserters, your world--our world--would be a lesser place.

When you hear fighter jets fly overhead and "ruin" your ambiance--just remember that sound is the sound of freedom. When you have to wait while someone in a wheelchair blocks you way, you may be waiting on a veteran--someone who blocked harm from reaching you.

When you see money spent on veterans and want to say, "Hey, that war was a long time ago and I am sick of paying for it," ask the veteran who lost a hand or an eye how much longer he must pay for that war. Ask the veteran who lost career advantages if you can trade places and salaries.

When you want to cut back on services for veterans, ask yourself if that new SUV is really doing you any good. Take a look at how your government wastes several times over its veteran spending on items that add nothing to our national interest.

Veteran entitlement programs barely show up "on the radar" because of their small size. Through its intimidation programs, inefficiency, and outright belligerence, the IRS wastes more money each year than the Veterans Administration spends.

Veteran. The word, when defined by a thinking, knowledgeable person, means "someone the rest of us owe."


Veterans: Maintain a strong and healthy body. Click here for free info.

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