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Six Steps to Prevailing in Paintball

  1. Breathe properly. Breathe from your abdomen, not from your throat. This will help you relax and focus.
  2. Relax. Too much tension in your hands makes you slow on the trigger, and inaccurate as well. Too much tension in your body makes it hard for you to dodge.
  3. Focus. This is the secret of the great martial artists. When you aim at someone, track the trajectory in your mind's eye. Just don't focus too long.
  4. Practice. You aren't going to get better if you don't practice. But, don't confine your practice to actual playing. Use imaging, as well--practice in your mind. Practice with just your hands. Practice with props. The more you practice, the better you'll be. Just make sure you are practicing good habits.
  5. Stand up. Most people slouch. Bad posture makes you slower and weaker. Shoulders back, chest out (and up), head back.
  6. Walk. Most people fall, catching themselves with each foot as they move forward. This is inefficient and slow. Instead, control the motions of your hips and feet so they are coordinated. You should be able to walk across ice--or a floor covered in marbles--without falling.

More About Paintball

By Cathy Richey, the Cathy Factor


The paintball game has become so popular that organized paintball tournaments have been televised. Hundreds or thousands of paintball teams from around the world compete against each other in tournament style play to determine the best team. Paintball games may be played by amateur teams, college teams, or even in professional paintball leagues.

Those not familiar with this fast rising sport might do well to learn the basics of paintball games. The social connections, especially among men, are one draw of this sport. It has real guy appeal. And that's one reason that women looking to meet men should consider taking up paintball.

The origins of paintball games are somewhat fuzzy. Before the game was developed, utility companies used makeshift air cannons to fired paint-filled balls at trees that needed to be removed. This type of color marking could be done accurately from within a vehicle, so that the workers did not have to perform this task on foot. Loose livestock could also be marked in this way. This is why paintball guns are sometimes called Paintball markers.

The game of paintball is essentially a game of tag played with non-lethal guns. You can also think of it as a battle simulation. Two teams compete to accomplish a goal before the other team can, and each team uses a different color paint in their paintballs. Players eliminate opponents from competition by shooting them with a paintball, much as the early workers marked trees and cattle.

Players who've been shot must leave the battlefield while the paintball gamers continue playing.

The goal of paintball games may be to eliminate all the opponent's players, or to capture a symbolic object from the enemy's base camp, such as a flag. Accomplishing either feat usually ends the game. There are many other variations of the game of paintball, such as woodsball, speedball, and even tankball. Most of these paintball style games can be played tournament style if more than two teams wish to participate.

Players are protected by eye-protection helmets during the paintball games. This type of safety equipment is mandatory in rules-based play. The muzzle velocity of the Paintball gun should be 300 feet per second or less. That's over 200 miles per hour. You can see why many game players wear additional padding during paintball gaming tournaments.

Paintball is a fun and action-packed sport. Almost anyone can participate. If you are new to the sport you should play with others of similar experience levels. If you are interested in participating in a paintball game, many sport stores sell Paintball equipment.


About Cathy: She and her Doberman Trooper conduct research into all kinds of topics and produce articles like the one you see here. To contact Cathy, write to thecathyfactor@yahoo.com. Get the facts from Cathy, and let the Cathy Factor give you an edge.


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