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This page is for those who need history resources or historical information.

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History buff since childhood. Just love this topic, and read voraciously on it....

The Value of History

Many people think history is a boring, irrelevant topic. They are sadly mistaken. History is among the most important subjects a person can study, and it's extremely relevant to your every day life. Here are some things to consider:

  • "Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it." There's a reason why you don't touch a hot stove several times a day. Been there, done that, and it hurts. Ditto for the great lessons of history. An example is the Great Depression, which FDR created by vastly increasing the federal debt (we were emerging from a recession at the time he started the spending spree). After three years (at the time of this writing) of Obama's debt acceleration, we can see that it's still a very bad idea.
  • The winners write the history. In the 1850s, the northern members of CONgress were violating the Constitution and parliamentary procedure. This behavior effectively disenfranchised those living in the southern states. So, the South seceded. Once that happened, the North invaded the South. So began the War of Northern Aggression, which was a war over secession. It was not a civil war, because a civil war is one in which insurgents try to take over the means of governing. Yet today, this war is called the Civil War. Even though that is grossly inaccurate. And there's a purpose for that lie. Those who have taken the time to understand the history know what the purpose is.
  • History is much more than dates of wars and other major events. A true student of history enjoys a fascinating process of discovery, and comes away with lessons applicable to current events.
  • In its broadest sense, "history" isn't just what's gone in with a country or civilization. For example, you can log into your credit card provider's site and see your payment history. If you sell a car, the buyer will probably want to know its maintenance history. If you have a fiancÚ, you will want to know that person's financial, romantic, and legal history before joining your assets. When you think of history as "knowing about" then the idea of history goes from being a droll recitation of meaningless facts to understanding how the present came to be.
  • As you may have surmised from the previous point, history isn't always something you find in mildewing old books. Recent history is often crucial to know. Consider, for example, what happened in 2008. The USA was reeling from eight years of debt increase resulting from chronic overspending that was not only illegal but immoral.

    So in the Presidential pseudo-election of that year, the two candidates representing the D and R wings of The Party (which was formed during Reconstruction, another important point we learn from history) were both big spenders. But Obama was especially bad. Of all senators, he had the worst spending record. This record was freely available via the National Taxpayers Union, www.ntu.org, which keeps a history of who spent what and helps you understand it by grading each member of CONgress. Obama had an F rating. Yet, he became the President.

    The result? By ignoring the history of his track record, we ended up with an even bigger spender than the one who spent us into economic misery. We went from the frying pan into the fire. Three years later (at the time of this writing), we have unemployment and other economic markers at levels that are actually worse than during FDR's Depression.

The value of history is now something we can actually put a number to. The national debt now exceeds the GDP of all of the entire world's nations combined, more than three times over! All debt has carrying costs, and thanks to Obama those costs include millions of job losses.

Don't let anyone ever tell you history isn't important.

Look through these appealing historical posters:


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