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Whether you are a basketball fan or a basketball player, we have something for you!

Articles by Mark Lamendola
Former basketball fanatic and pickup game superstar


Basketball fans

Basketball players

How to get more enjoyment from the game
  1. Plan your season. Which games do you really want to watch? Which teams are you most interested in? Whether your team is amateur or pro, schedule conflicts are likely. Look well ahead to the playoffs.
  2. Write to the team members. You'd be amazed at how good it makes you feel to send a note to a specific team member--not the star--who did an exceptional job of passing or guarding during a recent game. If you attend a game, that person will likely want to meet you.
  3. For pro teams, write to the owners. Let them know you don't feel they need to pay the high salaries they pay. Explain that you would be able to go to more games if not for the high costs. This has the effect of putting downward price pressure on the players and making some take the game more seriously.
  4. For amateur teams, write to the coaches. Let them know how much you appreciate the fact "the team played their hearts out." You'll see better playing in the future, with this kind of encouragement backing the team.
  5. Always be polite. Show respect for the opposing team, coaches, etc. Show respect for the referee. The game is more enjoyable when people act maturely, versus throwing temper tantrums or insulting other people.
·How to play better basketball
  1. Start with your posture. Most people do not stand up straight. Their shoulders are rotated forward, and their hips are at the wrong angle. This weakens overall body performance, strength, and speed.
  2. Learn to walk. This might see like strange advice, but take note. Most people do not walk. Instead, they fall forward from one foot to the other. If you watch closely, you can see this. To break yourself of this, practice walking and stopping yourself in mid-stride. Also practice walking on surfaces that are slippery or don't offer support--ice, sand, and gravel are such surfaces. What you learn will definitely show on the court.
  3. Learn to breathe. Again, this sounds strange. However, most people do not take a full breath (partly because of bad posture), so they "wind" quickly. You can greatly increase your endurance by doing focused breathing exercises. If you don't know any, take a martial arts or yoga class.
  4. Drill. Sure, we all hate to do boring drills. But, practice makes perfect--when you do it right. When doing drills, work on your form. Otherwise, you merely reinforce bad habits.
  5. Stow the ego. Military people "stow" things--that is, they put them away out of site. Take constructive advice, tips, and coaching very seriously. Practice defense on the court, but not in conversation. let others share their insights and wisdom with you. You cannot watch yourself play, but they can. Let their viewpoint help you improve.


Check out these Basketball Posters:

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