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Anti-Smoking: You Can Stop The Carnage

This page is for those who want to put an end to the destruction smoking wreaks on our loved ones and ourselves.

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A message on smoking cessation

It can happen! Make it so.

by Mark Lamendola
Lifelong lung owner

What would your reaction be if someone were to give each American $2,000 a year? Imagine this person also pays every company $5,000 each year for every fourth person they employ. That $5,000 creates jobs by increasing our international competitiveness. It also causes a sharp rise in take-home pay.

This very powerful person does more than hand out money. This person hands out health: 25% of us double the oxygen-carrying ability of our blood.

Fifty-year-olds have skin that looks 30. Food tastes better, clothes last longer, and colors look brighter. People are brighter, healthier, and more productive. Children, in particular, experience a fraction of the illnesses "normal" for them to have.

This is not a fantasy. This is exactly what would happen if all Americans shed the costly shackles placed on us by the drug lords who peddle tobacco. Gaining this freedom is no easy task for the 25% of us who do smoke, but the benefits are enormous.

For the non-smoking majority -- by definition, those of us who are normal -- the benefits are only fair. This is an economic decision that affects everyone. Would you like a tax-free check paid to you every month? A cigarette-free economy would write that check to you, about enough to pay your mortgage.

The tobacco companies murdered over 400,000 of their best customers, last year. Yet that number represents only the heart failure and lung cancer cases, a fraction of the body count. Those who died weren't the only victims. Their survivors often watched the smoker die a slow, painful, and humiliating death. The survivors were then left to pick up the pieces and pay the bills. This is a personal decision?

The sheer number of illnesses any reasonable person can easily attribute to smoking is staggering. All smokers endure an impaired capacity to function in life. Their bodies suffer no differently from the bodies of other drug addicts. The many cancers and circulatory problems are the tip of the iceberg. Do you like "colds?" Do you consider "alligator" skin, baldness, male impotence, and gum disease fun? Then smoking is for you! That does not mean everyone around you would like to be sick, too.

There is no magic that makes a cigarette harmless simply because you are not on the filter end of it.Passive smoke is no different from active smoke. We have millions of passively smoking children in this country. Do we really think so little of them?

Be honest with yourself. Be honest with those who smoke on you or your children. Make the better choice. Don’t let the drug lords control you: be smoke-free.

Anti-smoking slogans

  • Cancer cures smoking.

  • A smoker is the only creature with two buttholes.

  • Smoking sucks.

  • Tobacco companies kill their best customers.

  • A cigarette in the hand is worth nothing.

  • Smoking is very glamorous, if you like deep wrinkles.

  • Smoking. Viagra. Two complete opposites.

  • P.T. Barnum said there's a sucker born every minute. Tobacco companies depend on this.

Isn't a no smoking section in a restaurant like a no peeing section in a swimming pool?

Some facts about smoking

  • Smoking is the number one cause of vascular illness (but diet may soon overtake it)
  • Smoking is the number one cause of male impotence (because of circulatory impairment)
  • Smoking is the number one cause of premature baldness (because of circulatory impairment)
  • "Smoker's Face" is a recognizable and distinct side effect of smoking. It's not pretty.
  • The average cigarette spends only a fraction of its time being "smoked." It sits in an ashtray most of its lit life, spewing forth its 500+ noxious chemicals on innocent bystanders.
  • Everyone pays extra healthcare costs because of smoking. It's not a "personal choice," because everyone else pays for it. To the tune of several billion dollars a year.
  • People who smoke consistently score lower on mental aptitude tests, on average, than people who don't smoke. There was debate about cause and effect on this, until studies done on people who had stopped smoking--their mental acuity improved. This is due to an increase of oxygen to the brain, combined with a corresponding decrease in carbon monoxide.
  • Non-smokers can usually smell a smoker when the smoker walks into the room, even if the smoker has not smoked for quite some time. The stench resides in the soft tissues for days and does not simply wash out.
  • Smoking in a car leaves a residue on the inner glass. This residue increases glare and decreases visibility.
  • Smoking in a home or office leaves a tar substrate in the ductwork, turning the building into a toxic waste zone. Bacteria and fungal counts in buildings contaminated this way can easily reach 10,000 times higher than buildings not so contaminated. 


Proposed New Warnings For Cigarette Packs

  • You can still live with only one lung.
  • Emphysema isn't as bad as the choking, gasping people who have it make it sound.
  • Most forms of cancer are treatable. At least for a while.
  • Smoking does not affect the fetuses of women who aren't pregnant.
  • Refusing to inhale drastically reduces risk of lung cancer.
  • Go ahead and drive or operate heavy machinery. It's perfectly fine.
  • Secondhand smoke affects only those who breathe it.
  • Nicotine is not addictive because you know you could quit if you really wanted to.
  • There have been no medical tests to conclusively prove smoking is a teeth-staining, smelly, costly habit. And we're not all that ready to concede the tumor-causing part, either.


Check out http://www.badvertising.org/ to see what tobacco ads would look like if they weren't simply dishonest propaganda aimed at deceiving people into converting their lives into tobacco company profits.

Smoking sucks. Do You?

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