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This page contains:

  1. Tax intro
  2. Notes for buyers outside the USA
  3. Additional notes for residents of the E.U .or Canada
  4. Why we don't collect VAT at time of purchase
  5. Tax rant
  6. Solutions to your tax quagmire
Tax intro

If your government levies a sales tax for the product you are purchasing, it is up to you to calculate and submit that tax. If you are a resident of Kansas, we collect the state tax at time of purchase (if you are a FL resident, we also collect sales tax).

  • We do not advocate breaking the tax laws of your country or any other.
  • We do not participate in any tax avoidance schemes.
  • We do not make YOUR tax laws. Your own corrupt politicians do that, just as our own corrupt politicians make our tax laws (and don't bother to follow those laws, themselves).

Whether we collect the tax at time of purchase or you pay it at time of delivery, the tax is the same. Please note that no merchant "pays" the sales tax, excise tax, tariff, or other tax for you. Your taxes come out of your pocket, one way or another.

What's the solution? First understand this simple tax fact: Taxes = spending. The more that special interests (mostly banksters and large corporations) prevail upon your government to spend money (to benefit those same special interests, not you), the higher your tax burden will be. Money does not grow on trees, and ultimately must come from the citizens to fund whatever the government is spending it on. If you don't like paying so much tax, demand spending cuts.

Notes for buyers outside the USA (applies also to residents of E.U. or Canada)

  1. Though all USA products have massive taxes embedded in the purchase price and there are World Trade Organization agreements against your being double-taxed, your government may subject you to additional taxation in an effort to deny you access to USA goods. This is called "protectionism" and it's the means by which companies that can't or won't respond to the needs of their customers misuse the government to protect said company from competition--at your expense.
  2. We don't vote your politicians in, so we can't control this kind of anti-citizen activity.
  3. You will need to determine how much that extra tax would be, and whether you can afford it.

Additional notes for residents of  E.U .countries and Canada:

  1. If you order from outside the USA, you will likely pay VAT and/or other taxes at the point of delivery--in addition to the embedded tax present in all USA products. This is not a shipping charge, though the carrier is typically the one forced to collect this.
  2. We have looked into providing VAT calculations at purchase time, but doing so is not within our means. Plus, every country charges a different VAT and few countries apply VAT consistently.
  3. You buy with the understanding you will pay the VAT other charges at the time of delivery.
  4. If your refusal to pay the VAT results in a return of the package, you are responsible for all shipping charges incurred. We will not pay the manufacturer's restocking fees for you, nor will we pay the round trip credit card fees. So, you can plan on your refund to be about 40% less than what you paid.
  5. If your refusal to pay the VAT results in destruction (instead of return) of the package, you will not get a refund. We need the merchandise back before paying you back for it.

Why we don't collect at time of purchase

  1. Though we use a popular shopping cart system, the software for this process is not available. We have no way to make sense of the myriad tax laws so that we can collect the tax money from you at purchase time and then send checks to the various countries where our customers live.
  2. We do not have the resources to deal with all the Byzantine rules and various flavors of bureaucratic insanity. As it is, the export documents required for shipping run a minimum of 12 pages and sometimes shoot past the 40 page mark. Another few dead trees worth of paper to properly file the taxes in 41 foreign languages and over 950 jurisdictions is just not reasonable.

Tax Rant

  1. We are not citizens of your country. We do not have a voice in your tax laws, nor do we benefit from any government programs funded by that minimal portion of your tax proceeds that don't simply go to waste. Not that you get much benefit either, but.....
  2. Taxes remove capital from the economy and cause job losses. Some of this is necessary for funding the government. Yes, quite a bit of that funding is just wasted. But this doesn't justify cheating on taxes. It does justify cleaning up your government.
  3. Taxes are, essentially, a wage cut. If you do not like having your wages cut, then lobby to change the law. Say no to excessive taxes by saying no to unnecessary government spending. You can vote with your feet by relocating to a country that doesn't have such high taxes (that would exclude the USA, as we have the highest taxes of all industrialized nations, and yes, expatriation by the tax-weary is a major problem).
  4. If you're fine with paying excessive taxes and import duties, no problem. We just don't want you to blame us if you get stuck with a tax upon delivery. We don't make your tax laws (if we did, you'd be exempt!).
  5. If we could remove your tax burden, we would. But we can't even get reasonable taxation enacted in our own country.
  6. Most people have no idea just how much they actually pay in taxes. In the USA, the tax burden is now more than the typical citizen earns in a lifetime. The annual collection on this is about 85% of income through various hidden taxes, including inflation (the dollar has lost over 95% of its value since 1945--amounting to a tax of more than 95%). If our legislators believed these taxes were justifiable, they wouldn't hide them now, would they?
  7. People in the USA rail against the income tax, but the tax itself is actually a small part of their total tax burden and lower-income Americans actually are subsidized by it. Taxes in the USA are not mainly for the purpose of government revenue. They are for the purposes of social control and providing jobs to a massive (and growing) cadre of bureaucrats, and also for wealth transfer to the wealthiest of our citizens. In the USA, eliminating the federal income tax and the unsupervised, corrupt agency that administers it would actually cause federal tax receipts to rise dramatically.
  8. The two largest hidden taxes in the USA (and in most other countries) are inflation (banks make up money to issue to the govt to pay its bills) and borrowing (govt borrows, causing cost of capital to rise and be felt in every consumer purchase).


Solutions to your tax quagmire

  1. Vote against any legislator who approves of a spending measure for any reason. Spending drives taxes up, even if no additional taxes are legislated.
  2. Demand the elimination of specific programs, agencies, and bureaus in your government. Probably, 9 out of 10 of them serve no purpose. The remaining one is probably inefficient.
  3. Join a citizen advocacy group that legally lobbies for property rights, stewardship, and responsible government (in the USA, such concepts are still "on the drawing board.").
  4. Note: these solutions are not working in the USA, but maybe they will work in your country. Give it a shot!