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We offer competitive prices on all products. We are competitive because we are efficient, and because we canpass along to you discounts that many merchantssimply cannot obtain. We set a price that works best for all parties concerned.

Where you see "free shipping," that means we pay for normal ground shipping. But normal ground shipping is not available in all areas.

For example, for some product lines we offer "free Canada shipping" due to special arrangements for those products. But some areas of Canada are classified as "remote locations" and there's a surcharge. Customers who live in such areas know they do, and in such cases we will come back after the order's placed and let them know the shipping cost (we pay the normal ground portion of it, though).

Other stuff to read, if you have nothing better to do:

  • We sell what we say we sell. In one product line, we discovered a competitor was selling at less than the wholesale we pay from the factory. And we get a volume discount. Investigation showed this merchant was selling used products and passing them off as new.

  • We make good. One of our (now former) vendors provided false information on a product, shipping half of what the customer thought he was getting. We sent the customer "the other half" of his order, without any compensation from that vendor. Not our fault, but we take care of our customers. Low-ball operators don't.

  • We offer complete service. Price isn't the only element to making a good purchase. We offer elements low-ball competitors can't offer. These include pre-sale advice (through our extensive online content and through direct answers to questions), in-transit assistance (part of our job is helping to track down shipments that didn't arrive on time), post-sale assistance (everything from return assistance to product support to acting as your advocate with the manufacturer), and other means of making your purchase a good experience.

  • We are in this for the long haul. We've been in business since 1997, and we survived the dot com bomb by following sound business practices. This has positive implications for our customers, and it's a good reason to feel assured that you are dealing with a reputable firm.