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Here are some common shopping cart problems and how to overcome them (roughly in the order in which you may encounter them). If you don't the solution here, please contact

Problem Solution
I clicked on "Add to Cart" and nothing happened.
Look at the very top of the page. Click on "Basket."
Cart quantity is wrong.
You can change it by typing in the right number and then clicking Update button.
I clicked on "Checkout," and keep coming back to the same screen.
Click the Continue button. You might have to page down to see it.
In checkout, I get a message that a required field is missing. But I filled everything in!
Open the "Bill To" side. Look at the country. Check the various blanks.
Why don't you have more shipping options?
Because certain items ship only certain ways. This is an effort to make it simple.

You have a lot of payment options, but not e-checking or a way for me to send you a check.

See the Payment Info page (menu at left).
I selected my credit card, but nothing happens.
Click the Continue button. You might have to page down to see it.
The system is rejecting my credit card!

Make sure you have all of your information entered in correctly.

  • Especially check the country, state (or Other State) in the Bill To area (click the box to open it, if it's not open).
  • Look for spaces at the end of entered information. Especially your credit card number.
The #1 cause of this is "over limit." Please contact your credit card company if you get a credit card rejection after verifying your information.
I called and got no answer.
Sorry about that. We can be in only so many places at one time. E-mailing us (see above) is the fastest way to reach someone here.