Our electrical training products are produced by Mike Holt Enterprises. Mindconnection has long had a role in the development of those products, but the key player is Mike Holt. That's the name you see over and over. While his name is widely recognized throughout the electrical industry, not everyone knows who he is or why they should trust him as an instructor.
So who is Mike Holt?

Mike Holt worked his way up through the electrical trade from an apprentice electrician to a master electrician and electrical inspector. In 1973, Mike was certified as an electrical instructor. In 1975, he became an electrical contractor. Mike's electrical classes were so successful that by 1980 he stopped electrical contracting to completely devote his time to electrical training.

Due to life circumstances, Mike dropped out of high school after completing 11th grade. But he attained his GED and then went to college. Ten years later, he attended the University of Miami's Graduate School for a Masters in Business Administration (MBA). Because of his educational experiences, Mike understands that not every student has ample resources for continued education. As Mike knows, we all have to deal with life.

Electrical trainer, Mike Holt

Your electrical trainer

Mike is nationally recognized as a top electrical trainer for electricians, electrical inspectors, contractors, and engineers. He's also a developer of electrical software, books, videos, and training programs. His extensive use of illustration in all of his training programs makes learning fun.

Mike's dynamic and animated teaching style erases classroom boredom, whether in person or on video. People enjoy his classes and videos, and become totally engaged in the learning process. That makes Mike one of the world's most effective electrical instructors.

Mike's experiences as an electrician, inspector, and contractor help him develop training programs that the electrician understands and enjoys. He's been where you are now. Mike takes the intimidation out of learning, and the effects show in the success rate of his students.

NEC Expert

Mike has spent decades studying, understanding, explaining, and teaching the National Electrical Code. The NEC is confusing to many in the industry, but it's not confusing to Mike and he clears the fog of confusion for his students. Mike can clear that fog for you. Whether you're taking an electrical exam or trying to master electrical calculations, Mike will show you how to make the NEC a resource rather than your nemesis.


Mike is a highly-respected author who regularly appears in the trade publications of the electrical industry, both in print and online. Those include Electrical Construction & Maintenance (EC&M), CEE News, Electrical Design and Installation (EDI), Electrical Contractor (EC), International Association of Electrical Inspectors (IAEI News), The Electrical Distributor (TED) and Power Quality (PQ) Magazine.

Mike explains the complicated in a simple, direct style. His ability to simplify technical concepts makes him one of America's most sought after speakers on electrical topics ranging from motor calculations to grounding and bonding. He's spoken at all of the major electrical conferences and has presented (at their request) to groups ranging from the IEEE to the 7x24 Exchange.

Industry Expert

Companies across the United States have hired Mike for in-house training and expert advice. These include:

  • Companies such as ATT, IBM, Boeing.
  • Associations such as 7x24 Exchange, IBEW, ICBO, IAEI, IEEE, NECA.
  • Government agencies such as the U.S. Navy and Grand Coulee Dam, and agencies in Mexico.
  • Indian groups, including the Navajo and Ute.