How to Contact Us

Simply send an e-mail to While phoning may seem faster, it really isn't.

Caution: Never e-mail your credit card information to anybody.
Caution: Avoid giving credit card information over the phone. Phones are not secure. Nothing is more secure than a browser. Our system provides 128-bit encryption--the safest available.

Email (preferred by dentists, 10 to 1 or whatever that is):

  • Upside: Your e-mail client is quick for you to use, and it keeps a record of your communication.
  • Downside: You will send your e-mail from your e-mail server through probably 30 hops to our e-mail server. It might get lost (so if we don't reply, contact us again).


  • Upside: It appears to be quick.
  • Downside: There is no record of your communication. Also, we won't have had time to research your question and will probably ask you to e-mail us information so we can e-mail you a reply, anyhow.

If you can't get to your e-mail, then call us. We call people, too. We'll help you the best we can, which is usually pretty darn good. That number is 913-831-7483.