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NTL-series iTravl Translator Overview

Its simple controls and many useful features make the iTravl pocket translator a true travel assistant that is easy to use. If you can use the typical cell phone, you can use this device.

  • Comes complete. You don't need to buy anything extra to use it. But if you travel outside the USA, you need some means of using your USA-style plug in a local receptacle. That's why we offer the AC Travel Kit.
  • Follows standards. The iTravl's controls are instantly familiar to anyone who uses digital devices. You don't have to learn a proprietary system.

iTravl Electronic Language Translator Menu Shot

  • You will enjoy it for many years. Customers sometimes ask if our prices are low because something newer is coming out. No, our prices are low because, for example, we don't hype up products and our ultra low return rate reduces our overhead. You will be a happy iTravl translator owner for years to come, if you buy one today.
  • Has electronic manual onboard. It's easy to access, well-organized, and easy to use. You don't have to drag a paper manual around. Actually, the iTravl is so intuitive you don't even need a manual.

iTravl Hardware Basic Info.

  • The iTravl, at 6.0 x 3.15x 0.63 in, is about 50% larger than an iPod (4.1 x 2.4 x 0.43 in). So, it's not teeny but it is smaller than some PDAs.
  • The software for a language set comes on an SD card. This card determines what you have. For example, a French iTravl becomes a Russian iTravl when you insert the Russian SD card. This opens many possibilities for the iTravl owner.
One benefit of this architecture is the iTravl is always in stock. An iTravl ships on the same business day, if ordered by noon Eastern Time. Often, it will ship the same day if ordered later than that.
  • Hi-resolution backlit color screen. Oddly enough, Ectaco engineers felt that being able to actually see what's on the screen without the use of an electron microscope might appeal to some customers (what crazy guys, huh?). This kind of screen is the best available today.
  • Color-coded parts of speech. Allows you to quickly select the right word(s).


The iTravl uses graphics to make operation simple and efficient. Examples:

  • Tap the battery indicator to toggle between a pictorial representation and a percentage display.
  • Tap the language indicator, and you instantly switch between languages.
  • Tap the keyboard icon, and a virtual keyboard opens (a standard function for mobile devices).
  • Tap the Statue of Liberty graphic on the main screen of a multi-language unit, and the language selection screen opens.


front drawing, electronic pocket translator


rear drawing, electronic pocket translator

  • Adjustable Auto Off function will shut off translator when it’s idle.
  • Powered by rechargeable 900 mAH battery (included), which is charged by an AC adapter (included).
  • Also charges when connected to PC (or laptop) by USB cable (any mini-USB cable). Cable is included.
  • You can charge a spare battery and the device simultaneously with the cradle charger (included with iTravl Deluxe), available for purchase separately.
Battery life
  • We have tested these units extensively and found they have consistently long run times.
  • One test consists of leaving the device to play the 3 hour, 8 second Paris Versailles audio book with screen set to 80% and Power Off set to Never. After six hours, the iTravl still hasn't drained the battery.
  • The people making battery complaints on various forums failed to properly charge the battery.
  • We have yet to find a "bad battery" issue that isn't corrected by proper charging.
  • It's a 900mAH battery with a 300mA charger. Battery charging isn't linear, so it's not 3 hours (3H x 300mA) to charge it up. It takes about 6 hours.

Virtual Keyboards

Virtual keyboards are, simply put, keyboards on your screen. Because they have complete character sets, they allow the other person to communicate back to you. Versus standard mobile devices, the iTravl has an improved keyboard for all applications with big letters so you can type with your fingers.



What if you're in a foreign country and need help? That's where iHelp comes in. It pronounces aloud Emergency or frequently used phrases with human native speaker recorded voice instantly.

You can train the device to adjust the speech recognition to work specially for your voice. Up to 90% speech recognition is achieved in this way (especially when using a headset), even in noisy places. Some iHelp features:

  1. You can create and record your own phrases (or use those included in the built-in phrasebook) in the iHelp section.
  2. It is very useful for business users, who often use the same phrases.
  3. The phrase translation and voice pronunciation can be recorded using the built-in talking text translator.
  4. Or recorded by any native human speaker via the microphone.
  5. The phrases from the iHelp section can be spoken aloud just by saying the chosen "calltag" for it.
  6. The device is in standby mode, so you do not even have to press any button. For example, you record a calltag "name" and the device pronounces the entire phrase "What is your name?" in the setup language.
  7. You can train the device to adjust the speech recognition to work specially for your voice. Up to 90% speech recognition is achieved in this way (especially when using a headset), even in noisy places.

Notes on audio players

With audio players, you can:

  • Play music.
  • Play any audio course that comes in MP3 format.
  • Enjoy any of the thousands of audio books available in MP3 format.

Audio books

The iTravl can play any audiobook that is in MP3 format, if you have it on an SD card. You can get audiobooks from your local public library (most libraries now have an extensive catalog), from many sites online, or from an audiobooks subscription. Audiobooks help you boost your brainpower, stay current with the nonfiction titles, or just enjoy a good novel. Carrying a book on your iTravl and listening to it keeps your hands free and doesn't require lugging around yet another item.

The iTravl comes with four audio books already on it (three are 50 minutes long, the fourth is 47 minutes long). These are audio tours of sites in France, such as the Paris Historic Walk and the Louvre.