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Language Teacher

The interactive language teacher system is a powerful tool for learning other languages. It can listen to you and tell you how well you pronounce something in another language. When you repeat the item in the foreign language, Language Teacher:

  • Compares your pronunciation to the correct one.
  • Shows you a "how you did" graphic.
  • Repeats your pronunciation aloud.
  • Repeats the correct pronunciation aloud.
In addition to pronouncing the alphabet, word, phrase, or dialogue aloud, Language Teacher shows the:
  • Spelling.
  • Translation.
  • Transcription.
  • Picture for visualization.
  • Diagram of the correct pronunciation.

On the main screen, you'll see "Learn Language Basics in 4 Steps." This tool takes you through each of those steps, and provides a structured approach so you don't get lost or confused.

Here are five screen shots. The first one is the main menu. We provide a screenshot, in sequence, for each item on that menu.

Language Teacher MenuLanguage Teacher Alphabet ScreenLanguage Teacher Words ScreenLanguage Teacher Phrases ScreenLanguage Teacher Dialogue Screen

Language Teacher is available in most 900 translator and iTravl translator language sets, but not all. See the Specifications tab.


Mobile Infotainment System

This is a mobile implementation of Language Teacher, designed for voice operation. You wear a headset microphone to do this. It's very similar to the Language Teacher, but is hands-free. If you're driving with a passenger, your passenger can learn a language rather than distract you.

Or, you could use this system yourself while your vehicle isn't moving and just hit Pause when it's time to drive again. In the 900, this program has a new feature: Sleep Mode. This does not require any feedback from you during the course and allows you to memorize words and phrases when you are unable to (or do not want to) speak.

This module utilizes hands-free, eye-free technology originally developed by Ectaco for the U.S. Army. The user can mount the 900 on the windshield or dashboard in the car. After connecting the over-the-head microphone to the 900, you just follow the spoken prompts from the device. You listen to the words and phrases the 900 says and repeat them. The speech analyzing software processes your speech and grades it as Good, Satisfactory, or Unsatisfactory and tells you how well you did.

The current course consists of 7 topics: Time, Hotel, Restaurant, Foodstuffs, Transport, Shopping, and General Phrases. The have various subtopics.

We provide an Automobile Accessory Pack to facilitate use of this program, though you can use the program with just a headset and car charger.

Mobile Infotainment is available in most 900 translator and iTravl translator language sets, but not all. See the Specifications tab.

Games: Linguistic Crossword and Linguistic Flashcards

The original games were pretty useless for English speakers.

Ectaco has completely revamped these, and now they are engaging, entertaining, and helpful. Euphemistically speaking, that is--if we admit to how addictive they are, your significant other might nix the purchase and we can't have that.

The iTravl and the 900 have slightly different mixes of games. Both have Linguistic Crossword. The iTravl has Hangman, and the 900 has Linguistic Flashcards.

900 Series Pocket Electronic Language Translator Spanish Flashcards Sample

In Linguistic Crossword, you have a crossword puzzle. It has user options to help you, if you get stuck. These include "Reveal word," Show letter," "say English word," Say clue." It's really fun, and it helps you learn new words in the target language.

In the 900-series manual, you may see five games listed, but the device menu shows only two. What's up with that? Well, there actually are five. One is Linguistic Crossword, and the other four are variations of flashcard games so you access them from "Linguistic Flashcards."

In Linguistic Flashcards, you can select from four different games:

  1. Flashcards. You see the word in the other language, and provide the English translation. If you can't translate, you "flip" the card to show the translation.
  2. Pockets. As you get the translation of each word correct, you move it from one pocket to another.
  3. Translation test. A multiple choice approach.
  4. Spell. Similar to Flashcards, but you have to spell the translation correctly. This one is a bit backwards, as it should have you spell the source word rather than the translation. But it still forces you to translate into English.