The Ectaco Bonus CD

Ectaco translators often come with a "Bonus CD." Its contents are:

  1. Dictionaries for Windows(R)
  2. PC-Link software for Windows
  3. Emulators of handheld dictionaries
The dictionaries and emulators are only demo versions (the goal is for you to buy a license). The good news is that if you tape over the hole, the CDmakes a nifty beverage coaster. But if you really do want to purchase software to complement what's on your pocket translator, here's more info:

1. Dictionaries for Windows(R):

  • Instant direct translation and reverse translation.
  • Automatic word to word translation of the sentences.
  • Search option allows user to find a word or part of a word in the
  • entire dictionary database.
  • Filtered List allows user to create a customized list of the most
  • necessary words.
  • Built-in language support allows using the program on any computer.

2. PC-Link software for Windows:

The PC-Link software allows you to back-up / restore your data from the handheld dictionary.

  • You can edit all your data on the desktop computer.
  • The program includes a built-in multilanguage support.

3. Emulators of handheld dictionaries

These applications have the functions of the handheld electronic dictionaries, with the exception of pronunciation / voice synthesis. Of course, having these on a CD is not nearly as useful as having a pocket translator. But you may also find it useful.

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